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IvyPlus Exchange Program + Imperial, UCL and U of London

a link to details on IvyPlus exchange program:

turns out Imperial College London is the institution that left U of London. UCL is still part of U of London
indeed: https://www.theguardian.com/education/2005/dec/09/highereducation.administration

Need to make a molecule? Ask this AI for instructions

Need to make a molecule? Ask this AI for instructions
http://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-018-03977-w #DeepLearning to do better #retrosynthesis. Perhaps other things in chemistry could be learned as well!

“The tool, described in Nature on 28 March1, is not the first software to wield artificial intelligence (AI) instead of human skill and intuition. Yet chemists hail the development as a milestone, saying that it could speed up the process of drug discovery and make organic chemistry more efficient.

“What we have seen here is that this kind of artificial intelligence can capture this expert knowledge,” says Pablo Carbonell, who designs synthesis-predicting tools at the University of Manchester, UK, and was not involved in the work. He describes the effort as “a landmark paper”.”

New algorithm can create movies from just a few snippets of text | Science | AAAS

Interesting paper by alumnus Renqiang Min on “Video Generation from Text,” using a generative #MachineLearning model.
http://www.AAAI.org/GuideBook2018/16152-72279-GB.pdf (Press report by @SilverJacket: New algorithm can create movies from just a few snippets of text
http://www.ScienceMag.org/news/2018/02/new-algorithm-can-create-movies-just-few-snippets-text )

Video Generation from Text Yitong Li†∗, Martin Renqiang Min‡ , Dinghan Shen† , David Carlson† , Lawrence Carin† †

JClub by BW on “3D clusters of somatic mutations in cancer reveal numerous rare mutations as functional targets”, Genome Medicine

3D clusters of somatic mutations…reveal numerous rare mutations as functional targets
https://GenomeMedicine.BiomedCentral.com/articles/10.1186/s13073-016-0393-x Introduces 3DHotSpots, which is one of a number of recent approaches (incl. CLUMPS, Hotspot3D, Mutation3D & HotMAPS) for finding groupings of somatic SNVs via structure

Highlights of 2017

*** UPDATED on 1/22/2018 ***

Mark’s 2017 Faculty Activity Report (FAR),
summarizing key lab "activities" of the past year.

* Here are dump directories with some excerpts:


These include:

* A full updated CV describing my lab’s activities (in too much detail):


The CV is based on :

– Compiling the people in the lab, viz:



– A dump up to the end of ’17 of all of our scientific papers and our
"other writings" too.



* There’s also an update on lectures in ’17:

* Private "meetings" link, with authentication only for reference:

* For reference, this involved updating a variety of places on the wiki, viz:


* Finally, I’ve done little write up of some highlights, viz: