Statseminars Stat & Data Science Seminar, Speaker Carl Zimmer 4/27 @ 11am-1pm

Title: The Library of Babel: On Trying to Read My Genome

Information and Abstract:

Applied Data Science Seminar. Not long ago, information about our DNA was virtually impossible to gain. Now, thanks to the falling cost of DNA sequencing and the growing power of bioinformatics, genetic information is undergoing a Gutenberg-scale explosion of popularity. Millions of people are paying for DNA tests from companies like 23andMe and, and they are getting unprecedented amounts of information about their ancestry and hereditary diseases. For my latest book, “She Has Her Mother’s Laugh,” I got my genome sequenced and enlisted scientists at Yale and elsewhere to help me interpret it. In my talk, I’ll discuss the results of that exploration–at once enlightening and baffling

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